Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Cake - Part 1

Last Night

I have finally got the preparation of my Christmas Cake underway.  I know it should be started in October or November at the latest........  I now have my fruit soaking in a good glug of brandy.  And the recipe?  I'm using Delia Smiths Classic recipe.  The cake decoration workshop is on Saturday, so I really need to get my finger out!  Tomorrow is earmarked for cake mixing and baking - it takes just over 4 hours to bake!!!  Can't wait.  I want to see if I can get Mary-Jane to have a stir of the mix an start another new tradition in our family. 

This Afternoon

The cake is in the oven!  It seemed to take ages to wrap the baking tin - an 8" round one.  The preparation and mixing it altogether took at least an hour.  Luckily Mary-Jane was having a late afternoon nap, so I could crack on in one go.  She awoke late, really tired.  She had some of her milk then was changed into her pj's and taken back off to bed.  She is trying to settle now.  Her cold is getting much better and her face is clearing.  She is now having trouble to settle to sleep, we shall see.

The cake ingredients smelled delicious.  I'd forgotten how lovely the zest of oranges and lemons smelled.  That mixed with all the spices and run and brandy.  It's in the oven now, it's been there for an hour - just another three at least to go!

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