Friday, 9 December 2011

MJ's New Hat & Rhinog's New Christmas Stocking

After Mary-Jane had her breakfast this morning, I was eager to get her to try on her new Winter Beanie and take some photos of her.  She didn't mind wearing the hat at all and was even happier when she heard and saw the camera coming out.  Big grins all round!  The hat could have done with a couple more stitches, maybe only three or four and being an inch or so longer in the body - notes for next time.

Here is Mary-Jane looking very pleased and happy - and the hat doesn't look too bad either!

 She just loves to grin!

 Whilst Mommy is busy taking photos of me, I shall play with her camera case.  I shall put my brick in it.  I like to put my bricks into all sorts of things, mainly bags and Mommy's shoes.

Remember a week or two ago, I entered a competition on my friends blog and asked you to read it?  Well I won the competition!  Rhinog now has his very own Christmas stocking to put along side ours.  The stocking was full of goodie treats for Rhinog as well!  He has had one, I shall try and save the rest for Christmas time, but I don't think I can be that good!  I'll try and take some better pictures.  I now have it hanging on the cupboard door our Living Room.  Paula also included a Christmas Present for me and Mary-Jane.  A huge big Thank You to Paula for her kindness and crochet skills xxxxxx
Please go look and read Pauls's blog - you'll have fun!

I have spent most of the evening preparing for my Cake Decorating Workshop tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it (I know I've said that tons of times, but hey!)  I have tried to take things out of my barrow that I think I won't remotely need and thoroughly gone through the list of things I do.  Even down to the Gin.  No it's not going to be that gruesome a day that you're recommended to to take Gin to have a slug to steady your nerves!  Apparantly gin helps remove food paint/dye from where it shouldn't be.  I think.  I have made up 400g or modelling paste from 2/3 flower sugarpaste and 1/3 normal sugarpaste.  I've not done that before.  I've also dyed 1kg of sugarpaste red.  That took some doing.  Still cheaper than buying red sugarpaste from the shop.

I made a Yorkshire Brack this afternoon as well.  I've had two slices.  It is recommended to have it with some cheese, but I just couldn't be diddled to cut into a new block of cheese tonight.  Brack is similar to Tea Loaf.  It's quite filling, I must admit - and very scrummy!

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