Thursday, 8 December 2011

MJ's Winter Beanie Completed

Mary-Jane's Winter Beanie is completed!  Once I settled to it this evening, it didn't take too long.  HK was ribbing me saying that if this beanie is smaller than my Beanie Two Hour Hat, then why is it taking two evenings to do........  In truth, It was quicker to do than the two hour hat!  I used 10mm dpns and had only a yard or two of 60g of yarn left.  I cast on 36 stitches, knit for 5 inches - approx 16 rows then decreased for the crown.  If I'd got my wits about me, I should have written this down as a 'proper' pattern.  Nothing stopping me really!  But stick with me.  I decided to do the decreasing as - round 1 - K2, K2 tog; r2 & r4 - k; r3 - k1, k2tog; r5 - k2tog.  After this cut the yarn and thread it through and secure remaining stitches on needle. 

 This decrease gives a slight texture.  You can do any decrease you want.  This patterns is so simple and straightforward.  I shall have camera at the ready when Mary-Jane tries it on tomorrow.
I have started a cloth - 'Rudy' from Cloverlaine.  There are lots of free cloth patterns on here, all accessable via Ravelry.

I braved the winds today - gusts of up to 80mph, to go to Fobbles to get my magazine.  I had left its collection til today as today was Knit Project Day, but this was cancelled due to bad weather.  There is a lot of it about!  I had a good chat with Bev (who owns Fobbles).  I have been invited to the Fobbles Christmas Party on Saturday the 17th.  It's on 10 - 3pm.  It sounds like fun - a stitch/knit & natter, with a christmas tree ornament swap and a ?Jacobs Buffet.  I think this is what it's called, I've never heard of it by this name.  Everybody brings food and shares it, contributing it to the buffet.  I may just have to make some cupcakes........  I might bring something savoury as well, being veggie and all that. 

Mary-Jane has been enjoying her dancing today.  Her sleep, at the moment, is a little disturbed by the strong winds blowing round the house.  She lifted her empty cup to me this afternoon and said 'juice' and gave me her cup, for me to fill, then took it gently from me when I had filled it and drank from it.  I think this is the first time she has clearly and verbally asked me to do something for her.  My little girl is learning and learning.

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