Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Knitting Starts Today!

I earmarked in my diary that today I should start Christmas Knitting.  I don't mean knitted gifts - it's a bit late for them, unless they are last minute ones.  I'm wanting to knit some hand towels and cloths for the kitchen.  And I have made a start!  I have cast on a hand towel using Sugar 'n' Cream Mistletoe.  True to form it has started to make me feel a little Christmassy.  I have already re-found where I put last years Christmas goodies and have put them on a shelf where I can see them, so I know where they are!  I was going to do Mary-Jane another stocking but time has not permitted this. 

Perhaps next year, I could set myself a knitting goal?  I'm not brilliant at setting these or adhering to them.  They usually go along the lines of 'I will use more of my stash and not buy so much new yarn'.  This does fall by the way side at the sight of gorgeous new yarns.  This year I've not been able to spend what I normally do (indeed this will be a thing of the past for the foreseeable future), but I have enjoyed using my stash more.  And getting the satisfaction of finding something to do with the one skeins etc.  It has been helpful, and easier, that I have not been led into temptation.  Although there are yarn shops around here, there are none (that I have come across - with one exception) that get my juices flowing and my money spent!  The exception is Avril's Woolly One-Offs, she has some good stuff, but I only see her once a month, so I can temper my temptations!

I digress.  Perhaps I could set myself a challenge or something similar to do a small Christmas project once a month or once every two months.  Or if I wanted to go a step further, I could spend the equivalent of a weeks knitting every two months, doing small projects for the upcoming season.  I have a penchant for setting myself high or unrealistic targets for things, and get stressed when I feel pressured (by myself) to get them done.  So I don't want to be overly rigid in what I set myself as 'Goal Achievements'.  I shall mull.  There is a possibility for fun in there and that is what it should be all about.  Plus I would like my home to be home-made where possible.


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