Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Instant Gratification Knitting aka Keeping A Lazy Knitter Happy!

I have completed my top secret project that I decided to do a night or two ago.  I can't do the big reveal as it's going to be a gift for a friend and she doesn't know about it yet.  When I finished it early this evening I wanted to do a cowl or a neckwarmer to go with my new Colinette Hat.  It was a toss up between two patterns - Extra Chunky Neck Warmer or The Eleventh Hour Cowl.  I was leaning much more to the Cowl, then the Neck Warmer yelled at me and I cast that one on.  I do want to do the Cowl, but another time.  I've put the links through to Ravelry, as I really don't know where I stand making direct links to peoples free patterns.

I made the neck warmer in the Rowan Big Wool on 12mm needles.  It took 65g (measured in 5g intervals).  So I have some left over.  I cast on another neck warmer thinking that I could let in the surplus colinette, but there wasn't enough colinette to even do this.  The Warmer complements my Colinette Hat in every way - and it took no time at all to do!  I've not taken a photo of it as it's black and I don't beleive it will show very well at all in a photo.  I need to find a button for it and have a few ideas where I could locate an ideal one.

Tomorrow I shall start knitting some Christmas Vintage Hand Towels.

Oh and if you were wondering - I haven't yet purchased any beeswax sheets.  HK was pleased that I didn't.  However, after explaining how I felt yesterday, he suggested that I buy some sugarcraft books on his behalf, for Christmas and they can be my Christmas Present from him.  How understanding, patient and supportive of him is that?!  Lucky Me!

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