Saturday, 26 November 2011

Un-Named Scarf Completed

I have finished my Un-named Scarf.  Here to model it is Mary-Jane's Raa-Raa!  I seemed to have got it done in no time at all, compared to the previous one.  I think it should match my long coat which is blue and black.  I shall see tomorrow.  It is a quick and handy scarf to do if you need a present - or a scarf for yourself - in a hurry.  Plus it's good for stash busting and using those odd balls of yarn.

 Talking of stash busting.  The weather was against me to go stash surfing today.  I was all prepared and was convincing HK that I would wrap up warm and that I wouldn't be out too long - there has been a high cold wind and lots of rain today - he wasn't liking the idea of me being outside when he announced that I may be alright but he didn't like the idea of the push bike and the petrol mower being out in the rain whilst I was looking through my yarn.  He said if the weather was better tomorrow then It would be better for me to do it then, and if I could bag up the yarn that I wanted to take out then that would save time (or make more time for me to stash surf).  He was making sense, so, fingers crossed for tomorrow!
Now I can say that I have had a Craft Hat-trick of completed projects this week - the Fuchsia Arrangement, the Crochet Hat and now my Un-Named Scarf.  That must be a first!

I'm of a mind now to make another hat.  A knitted Beanie in the same yarn as the scarf, to match it, perhaps in garter stitch.  I'm off to look at patterns on Ravelry!

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