Monday, 28 November 2011

The Ultimate Lazy Knitters Hat

After Stash Surfing and having a good look round Ravelry, I found a pattern for my Colinette Point 5.  It pressed all my buttons - one skein of yarn, no sewing up, completed in two hours and looks rather good! The pattern is designed by Allison Blevins of Tangle.  I'm not sure if it took me two hours or not, as I was picking it up and putting it down at first.  And I think I would have knitted quicker if I'd been able to locate my shortest cable for my circulars.  So I did it all on dpn's.  The ones I have for this size are a decent length.
Here is the finished hat!

View from the top, lookin good
And another front shot!  I'm undecided what to do next.  It is strongly likely to be along the lines of another hat.  Or cowl.  I shall make a snap decision and go with my heart.  Can't tell you at the moment what my decision is - it's a secret for a couple of days - sorry!

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