Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Crochet And A Chip Off The Old Block

Yesterday was Knit & Natter at Woodlands.  I was going to take my camera so you could see more of round and about here, but at the last moment, took the camera out of my bag.  That was such a mistake.  The drive there was absolutely stunning.  The day was clear, crisp and sunny.  The trees were in full autumnal colour and the fells (mountains) were jaw dropping in their beauty.  And I forgot my camera.  I was kicking myself, believe me!  I shall have to go again, with camera.  However, I have been reliably informed that the weather will be changing from tomorrow.....

The Knit & Natter was good.  There just didn't seem enough time to speak to people about what I wanted to say or mention to them!  One thing that wasn't on the cards was a crochet tutorial from  LA.  (I haven't asked if I can use her name on here yet, so I'll keep to initials).  She had set about to show another lady, A, and I asked if I could join in too.  Well, I did and it seemed so easy.  I already have a very very basic understanding of crochet, but a great big 'mind block' along with little confidence.  By the time we went, I could do double crochet (not sure what this is in US, I know the terminology differs) in a round, then into a cylinder shape, so as to make toys etc.  I was very pleased!  I think I need another 'have I got it right?' session.  That evening I tried to make a pot, with a moderate amount of success. And I want to cast on a hat, using the same methodology.  M had made one, so I was encourage to carry on.

When I got back, I was eager to see Mary-Jane (and HK!)  Mary-Jane cried out 'Mommy mom mom' when she saw me and came toddling over to me, I bent down to pick her up.  She toddled straight past and went for my bag!!!  Put me in my place.  She then wanted a quick pick up and then wanted my shawl off me.  I took it off my shoulders and wrapped her in it, feeling the warmth of it.

She was one happy little girl, playing with Mom's bag and wearing her shawl!

 Mary-Jane loves posing for the camera and smiling.  Underneath the shawl she is wearing a knitted top that my dear friend Sally made for MJ's First Birthday.
 MJ looks so good in my shawl, that I am contemplating making a slightly smaller one for her!
 Still a happy girl, dragging Mom's bag around the living room - a chip off the old block!

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