Saturday, 12 November 2011

Flower Arranging

Each month at the WI, there is a Speaker.  This months Speaker was a Florist/Flower Arranger from Perfectly Planted in Gosforth.  I'm afraid I can't remember her name off the top of my head.  This time of year must be favoured in these parts for Flower Arranging  Talks.  There have been three in two weeks.  I've only been to two.  Flower Arranging has never floated my boat.  I never saw it beyond how to put flowers in a vase.  Niave perhaps, but true.  It is quite interesting to see waht can be done with a bunch of flowers and a few leaves.  And it's made to look so simple!  I'd like to have a go, but I don't think I would take it beyond there, apart from, perhaps to do a Christmas Wreath workshop.

I like white flowers, they really catch my eye.

 These three red ones can either be presented individually or clustered together.  I think they work well either way, and would certainly look good on one's dining table etc.
 All the arrangements were raffled off.  I waited with batied breath, but wasn't lucky this time.  I was last time, at the WI Group Meeting.  By default, the lady that we gave a lift to, had already won an arrangement and another of her tickets was drawn, so she gifted me the arrangement for giving her a lift!  Awesome!  I just have to mention, whilst talking about this lady, MH, that she said in the car on the way there, that she looks forward to the Group Meetings as she can catch up with at least four of her school friends.  MH has got to be in her late seventies, of not her early eighties!  Her comment really struck a chord with me.
Some people think that red and white flowers bring bad luck and a third colour should be introduced.  The red is supposed to represent blood, and the white, bandages.  An interesting piece of superstition - or is it?!

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