Friday, 25 November 2011

An Un-named Scarf

Late last evening, I cast on a new scarf.  It is the same pattern as Sally's Birthday Scarf.  I thought the yarn may have been Patons Reef, but it is not.  I'm not sure what it it to be honest!  Some of it has been knitted with already, but you can't tell now it's re-knitted.  The stitch structure is more evident, which I quite like.

 The yarn has a certain elasticity to it.  This does not particularly effect the knitting, not that I have noticed yet.  The yarn is paler than what I would normally choose.  It's good to peek outside of the box every now and then.  Hopefully it will be done in an evening or two.
I wore my crochet hat out today.  I managed to find some grips that I had left with another hat (a good idea of mine, I knew where to find them, but the pack of grips remains AWOL).  The wind was rather doing it's thing and the hat did not move a bit.  Saying that all I did was walk the length of Tesco's car park and back and bring the shopping from the car.

I'm not sure what I will do next.  I still have Mary-Jane's purple lush skirt to finish and a red cape for her to start.  I have put a note in my diary that from the 1st of December I shall start my Christmas Knitting in earnest.  This is going to amount to the now essential vintage handtowels and a few cloths for the kitchen.  I can't see me getting much more done to be honest.  I shall keep them just for Chirstmas though.  I suppose I really ought to put my orange towels to one side ready for next autumn and try to keep seasonal with it.

I haven't had chance to go Stash Surfing today.  I could have created the chance, but it was far too windy out.  My stash is kept in the barn/garage.  As I want to start the Chirstmas things soon, the sooner I swap my balls of autumn/halloween colours in my bag for Christmas colours, the better.  I have tried to be a little organised and left all the Chirstmas colours neatly lined up at the top of one of my stash boxes for easy access.  If only everything else in life was that simple!  I will be tempted to look for the Colinette I was on about yesterday, or anything similar that might shout 'crochet me into a hat!

I need to find a name for my scarf - any ideas?!

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