Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fuchsia Composition Completed

I didn't get to complete the fuchsias in class last night.  I didn't realise that every single stem/wire had to be wrapped in florist tape.  The lady next to me, J, helped me to do some as she had done hers - she is not a newbie to the class like me!  I was very thankful for her help.  She also gave me lots of hints and tips.

Here are my Fuchsias.  The view is from above.  (I ought to start looking at using my 'posh'
camera for such pictures, I think they would turn out better).  I finished this evening.  I was free-wheeling it alot with where to put what.  I have never attended flower arranging either, but gave it my best welly - and am pleased with the result.  Tell me what you think?!!

 As I look at it, I'm starting to think 'Wow!  I made that!'  It ain't perfect, but for a first go, it's good.  This is the omega end (lower).  A few gaps here and there, but hey.
 The alpha end is on the right here the two buds are.
 A close up.  The lilly of the valleys really lift the piece, they just haven't photographed well.  I'll see if I can take better pix tomorrow when I'm not so tired.
The next project I'm tackling is two christmas fairies, one sat on a log and the other stood under a lamp post - or something like that!  The more experienced in the class have theirs well under way.  I have just ordered the moulds for them, plus an instructional booklet teling me how to put them together and how to dress them.  Hopefully they will arrive in enough time before the next class for me to get cracking with them.

I am enjoying the sugarcraft and am spurred on by a fairly successful first go.  There is so much to it and it is an expensive hobby.  I've not yet dare have day dreams where I can make dazzling cakes and sell them!  I am, as I've said before, looking forward to decorating the christmas cake on the 10th.  I have been reliably informed that to get it finished on the day, you have to work like the absolute clappers!  After Chistmas, the class is doing Spring Flowers.


paula said...

WOW is right. They turned out well. I didn't realize you would have to wrap all of the stems either. Bummer.

Rhinog's stocking is ready to be posted. Probably not this weekend. Today was our Thanksgiving and tomorrow is what is called Black Friday. The day businesses beak even for the year and EVERYBODY and their dog are out shopping to get the best deals for CHristmas.

Well, not everyone. I'm not going. Too many nuts people to deal with in the stores and on the road.

CarpeDyem said...

Thank You!

I shall tell Rhinog to look out for the postie in a week or two, he'll be excited.

I have a funny little story about Black Friday - I may have to blog it.....