Saturday, 3 December 2011

Weather Lightplay

Watching the weather here can be quite amazing and awe inspiring at times.  The lightplay can be jaw dropping.  On a dark and cloudy day, the sun can peek through brilliantly, vividly lighting fields and sky.  There was one such day a week ago.  HK went outside with the camera and took all these photos.  They are taken from either the back or front of the house.  They have motivated me to use our 'posh' camera more.  If the scenery around here is not enough to make you want to at least take a photo of it, then perhaps nothing will!

This is the view south south east (approximately!)

 This is the view from our front room window.  Who needs TV whenyou can sit and watch this?!  The blob on the right is a fault on the camera, it's been there for ages, not all the time but I kinda live with it.
 This is taken, a minute or so later, from the back of the house, looking westerly, towards the coast.
 I know the next two are similar - but beautiful, with slightly different sun effects.

 To get your bearings, the telegraph pole is the same one in this photo as it is in the above one.
I shall try and take more 'outdoors' pictures.  Too many missed opportunities already!  What I did a few years ago, was to try and take a picture once a month stood in the same place, to capture it through the seasons.  I managed it for a few months then on an off for the rest of the year.  I shall have to find another spot and do the same thing.  I previously did it on Cannock Chase.  I had great visions then of filling the house with my photography.  Nothing stopping me now to persue that idea.  I have the camera, the interest and The Lake District on my doorstep.  I seem to prefer taking pictures of scenery.

On the home front:  Mary-Jane was a little better today.  She was much more herself, although she still has her cold, and her cheek is still sore and puffy.  Last night she had a really good night's sleep.  I only heard her murmer once all night.  So far, tonight is a good night as well.  Today she has mastered working her spinning top all by herself.  Once she gets it spinning, she grins with glee and claps.  She knows she has done well and is pleased with herself.  We are so proud of her.

I have finished my first Christmas Hand Towel and have cast on my second.  I may do one more after this before I do a couple of cloths.

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