Wednesday, 19 October 2011

WI Home Crafts Committee

I have contacted our WI (Womens Institute) Federation to enquire about what their Home Crafts Committee do, as their was no link on the website for 'more information'. I got an informative email back. Included in this was a comment that they would welcome new members on their committee. I've asked for more info on what would be involved or what it would entail. I'd be interested in joining. I'm awaiting a reply.
I'm also considering putting myself forward for the position of Secretary of our branch. The current Secretary would like to stand down. HK is not keen at all on the idea of me being more involved as he thinks it would take up too much time. I think it would obviously take up some time, but not too much or not as much as he thinks it may. Lots of things to weigh up. The way it's been put to me, there is very little to do. We shall see.
On a distantly related topic, my Sugarcraft is coming on. I now have around six completed fuchsias. I have to do 21 altogether. I've been shown how to do the leaves, and need to do 28 of them. I was also shown how to do lily of the valley and have to do I think 9 sprays of 3. Lots and lots of homework! Next week is half term, so no class. I will have to spend an evening or two a week doing some sugarcraft. I like doing it although am not totally relaxed when doing it, I suppose as it's all still quite new to me. The next project we are doing is Little People (no, not leprechauns!), more like Flower Fairies. My jaw dropped when I saw these and gasped 'you want me to make that?!' It's not a cheap hobby, but the end results are astounding (with practice!).

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