Saturday, 15 October 2011

Avril Fobbles Saturday Knit & Natter

Today was a Knit and Natter Day at Fobbles, with Avril. I stayed till about half one and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I even giggled quite a lot. I made a Two Tone Tawashi, well it was a variagated Tawashi. I have plans to make some more for the kitchen and perhaps the bathroom.
On the previous project day, I had made a sock decoration using straight needles. I sat all that evening, re-hashing the pattern so it could be done on two circular needles. I mananged it and it looked good. I emailed the pattern, very pleased (and tired) with myself, to Av. Avril told me today that she had written the original pattern for circular or dpns and then adapted it to straights as most of the group didn't like working on dpns (and don't mention circulars). Yes that is exactly how I felt, I'm still half smirking and half grimacing to myself. Before I undertake such an exercise again, I will speak with Avril. On her part she said she would bear it in mind that I prefer circulars and let me have those patterns as well. You've gotta laugh!
I have also found out that at the Sit and Stitch and Bead days at Fobbles that you can knit as well, so that is two extra knitting days a month, all things permitting. Things are coming together a bit for me on this front.
Oooh, I also had a very smug grin across my mush when I arrived at Knitting this morning as well. Yesterday afternoon I had a Knitty Friend knock the door, asking if I had a pair of certain size needles she could borrow. She told me that in the Age Concern Charity Shop there was some Rowan Pattern Books. With glee I said I woudl do my best to get there first thing in the morning. I arrived at the shop this morning, five minutes after opening and got myself Rowan Pattern books number 26, 38 and 40, Scottish Island Knits and Scottish Inspiration and a pair of bamboo round handles for the princely sum of £10. Bargain worthy of a Smug Grin.

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