Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Secret Evening Knitting

My needles continue to be busy of an evening. I have made two gifts for a friend, I can't tell you about them at the moment as she hasn't had them. I've also sent of a swap parcel to Australia today, so I can't tell you what I made until that arrives! Oh the secrecy!!!
Today I started yet another Vintage Hand Towel in Peaches & Creme Sunflower, ready for Halloween. I'm not going to be able to make all that I wanted to, but hey, it'll be there for next year. The lesson is to start Christmas knitting now, well, perhaps next week. One thing that I have noticed with the sunflower is that the green dye is coming off onto my fingers. I've never had this happen before and I have used P&C countless times. I shall remedy it, I'm sure.
  • Mary-Jane is slugging on with her teething. She has teeth crowing and sprouting each day. Life is getting a bit more exciting for her as she gets better and more confident at walking. She had hot buttered crumpets for breakfast this morning and loved them!
  • I can't find how to leave blank lines between paragraphs any more, I really don't like everything looking like one big paragraph, it's so difficult to read. And off-putting. If you know how I can do it, please let me know!!

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