Monday, 31 October 2011

Tigger Poncho In Progress

Happy Halloween!
My thoughts go out to all those with the snow on the US East Coast - hope you're all bearing up x
My needles have been whirring with Mary-Jane's Tigger Poncho. The pattern is simple and straight forward. I am about half way down the main body. The hood (the top of the picture) was done in moss stitch (seed stitch) although you can't really see stitch definition, you can tell the difference in texture between the moss and the stocking stitch. The photo shows the back of the poncho. There are some random stripes coming through at the moment, which are looking good.
We have had quite a quiet Halloween this year. Halloween usually has a fairly personal element for us, for HK and I. This evening HK and I had our traditional nibbles - chicken wings and Hotter Buffalo Wing Sauce (many thanks to Paula for this!) and I had indian nibbles - pakora, bhaji's and samosas with raita. Then we watched a film - Clive Barkers The Plague, a little disappointing. I think I'm not used to my spicy foods any more as I'm rather mal-odourous at the moment, with a growing green vapour cloud. I'm glad HK isn't in the room. I wish I wasn't!!!
Mary-Jane has been bouncing most of the day. She had a really good nap this afternoon and woke with peggy ache and stayed with peggy ache, the poor little mite. She wanted cuddles and pick up most of the afternoon, which she duly had! She then had an early tea and early bed. I've literally heard only one peek out of her since I took her up. Teething really makes her tired. However, this afternoon, for the first time she tried to singalong to a song - Mickey Mouse's Hot Dog Song. She has been able to say 'dog' for quite a while, so she joined in the song singing 'dog'! At the moment she is having so many firsts, almost every day. Today she also tried saying 'cheeky'. I really ought to keep some kind of log of her words and development. Another first today (as far as I know) was going for a walk in the house with just Grandad.


Wonky Watt said...

Farty pants!

CarpeDyem said...

Some things just don't change, they just blow!!!