Thursday, 6 October 2011

Another Trip To Keswick

Mum wanted to buy some Christmassy ribbon that she had seen in the knitting shop in Keswick. so we went through yesterday. The weather was totally different, last time it was lovely and hot, I wore a summer dress and we sat and had ice cream. This time, although not cold, the heavens had opened and I was more than grateful for my hooded coat.
I spent a bit of time in the yarn shop, more time outside. The shop wasn't small small, but was that crammed with things that when I took MJ and her buggy in, I could get tin the shop enough to shut the door but that was as far as I could go. And of course no-one could get past me to get out, as the shop had a few customers, MJ and I had to stand in the rain till there was just us there.
It was a bit difficult to clearly see waht the shop had, as everything was piled up a bit higgledy piggeldy in bags, but the shop Lady knew where everything was and was helpful. I got a pattern for a gorgeous cabled jacket for MJ and a ball of blue cotton to try. This cotton is primarily for a swap, but if it works for what I want, then it shall go on the 'cotton alternative' list. It is thinner though, more of a DK than an aran. We shall see, am sure it will be fine.
After being in their, we went to The Strawberry Cafe for Tea and Cream Scones. It was good to get Mary-Jane out of the buggy as she had become restless. In the cafe, I had her sat next to me on the bench (it was more like a church pew bench). Mary-Jane was an absolute delight. She sat so well and didn't even try to get down. She took her juice beaker out of her Pink Going Out Bag, had a drink, then placed the beaker on the table without prompting when she had had enough. She then had her jaffa cakes - she loves these and can now say 'cake' - she is her mothers daughter after all! She then helped herself to a banana that was in her bag also.
She looked so grown up sat next to me and I was,am so proud of her.

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