Monday, 3 October 2011

Encouraging Mary-Jane To Walk

HK and I have been enc ouraging Mary-Jane to walk. She is already able to walk several steps with her hands being held. At first her steps were beautifully exaggerated, we called it her goose-step. She is now much more fluent with her legs. We got her a truck with alphabet blocks when she was very young. She has been playing with the blocks and truck for a couple of months. She has used the truck to gently place the blocks on and take them or tip them off. I've just realised that I have uploaded the photos in the wrong order. Never mind.
To try and familiarise her with using the truck in a different way, we put her in it and gently rolled her backwards and forwards. MJ seemed to like this new experience.
We then stood her behind the truck, placed her hands on the handle and she started rolling the truck slowly backwards and forwards.
A little more fun each day with the truck and she will be flying! She can easily walk around the room holding onto furniture, and is balancing/standing by herself better and better each day. She is coming on so well, I love her to bits xxxxxxx

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