Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cloths and Hand Towels

As you may well know, I am becoming enamoured with a pattern for hand towels. I'll not wax lyrical about how much I like the pattern and why, I've already done that! Here is my completed set of three that are already in use. The yarn is Lily Sugar & Cream which was given to me by AnnInAmerica, Auntie Ann to Mary-Jane, when she came to visit in March. I love the colours, they are quite me.
Now cloths need to be washed and here is the aftermath of Cloth Washing Day. You may note that one of me new towels is there as well. I'm sure I have more cloths, lots more cloths, that are somewhere packed away in the barn.
I'm still wanting to make som seasonal ones, ie for Halloween and Christmas, although I can't really see many getting done for this Halloween, due to time and a couple of other projects taking precedent. Never mind. I shall still due them and save them for next year - less pressure this time next year teeheehee!

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