Sunday, 2 October 2011

Getting Slowly Ready For Halloween

I've been gathering a few bits to make Halloween Decorations over the past few weeks. I got some eco-felt in various colours, wadding, buttons and some ribbon. The first lot of decorations I wanted to do were based on the hearts I made for last Christmas. These are simple to do and can be used as some form of hanging decoration.
I had a look on the t'internet for suitable templates, and found a few. I printed them off (they were free ones) and duly cut them out. I know they would be sturdier if they had been cut out of card, as I did with the letters, but......
I sat at the kitchen table (I had been trying to keep it clear for a few hours as the kitchen table doesn't stay clear for long, no matter how I try). and got all my bits and bobs out of my new craft box. I cut out two pumpkin shapes out of felt and one out of a single layer of wadding. You could put as much wadding in as you like.
On the one piece of felt, I stitched a Jack O'Lantern face. I used stranded thread as that was what was in my box, you can use which ever you fancy or have got. No hard and fast rules here! Then sandwich the wadding and felt and blanket stitch round the edge, pushing the wadding in slightly so you can't see it.

And this is my one and only finished pumpkin. I was on slo-mo. I've templates for cats, a witch on a broomstick and ghosts. I want to do similar things for Christmas as well. I was thinking that I might string them together and make an alternative bunting. That's if I get to it, I'm sure I will - there is always Halloween next year!

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