Saturday, 22 October 2011

Early Christmas Shopping

Mary-Jane is very much enjoying walking. She is no longer content to spend most of the day playing in our front room. She like to walk around the kitchen table and then walking the length of the house, she usually crawls back. Then she likes to be sat at the table playing with her crayons, and then she is off again. She can walk holding one hand. She is learning to go down the two steps into Grandad's room. Going up is not a problem when crawling.
MJ is having teeth pop up everyday. I have counted about 6 or maybe 7 that have either come through or are getting ready to crown. She is coping so well with this. The worst is that she is figety, she asks for apick up then once picked up squeals to get down again. She is also much more tired. Afternoon naps are happening again and early nights are order of the day - and she settles and sleeps most of the night.
HK & I - and Mary-Jane - went out this afternoon to buy MJ's main christmas presents. The shop had a 3 for 2 offer on toys, so we took advantage of this. We have a couple more things on order, to collect on Thursday. I can't possibly tell you what we have got her at the moment - it might spoil the surprise!
I'm also wanting to knit MJ some presents. One thing is a Raa-Raa toy, I have the pattern. She loves Raa-Raa (Raa-Raa The Noisy Lion is a programme she goes daft for on the TV). She also likes Waybuloo, the plinky plonky music makes her giggle loads with pleasure. I might have a look to see if there are any Piplings patterns out there.........


Anonymous said...

hi can you please share the raa raa knitting pattern my son also loves the programme. it woul be fab if you could scan it in and post it on here so i could print it out. many thanks.

CarpeDyem said...

Hello! I can't scan it onto here as it is from a magazine so it would infringe on copywrite. Please let me have your details and I can lend you the mag, no problems on that score!

Anonymous said...

Thats very kind of you. Thanks.If you can send your address to and we will send you an SAE so you dont pay postage.

Anonymous said...

Hi can anyone help me too please. I would love to make any of these for my granddaughter. Thanks in advance Tracey