Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Head is Full Of Cupcakes And My Tummy Is Full Of Stew

Over the last few days, I feel that my baking mojo has returned. Perhaps a little different from before. I look through recipe books for ideas and can see some recipes more clearly. I think this is because I'm learning about sugarcraft and so it follows that my understanding of cake toppings and decorations has taken a leap forward. I am inspired to create. Time has been a little against me though, apart from today, when I thought it wouldn't be worth doing any baking as I will be doing a fair bit tomorrow.
I have volunteered to do some baking for the local NSPCC Coffee Morning. What with Halloween around the corner, I thought I would do some themed cupcakes. I sat and had a really productive think with myself as to how to design cupcakes. I came up with a couple of cupcake ideas and am eager to try them out. I had a quick look on t'internet and found quite a few more ideas. SOme of the cakes I saw, well, they blew me away abit. Then I sussed out a little how they could be put together. I'm talking here more of the decoration of them than the actual sponge. Then I thought - Hey! I might just be able to do that, I'm learning how and have growing confidence in doing that.
Now I have to decide - and quickly - exactly what I'm going to do. I'm doing some more baking on Friday, for a Quilting Exhibition on Saturday, so I can spread my ideas out over two sessions. I could do with some more sugarpaste colour (food dye), but the journey to Workington is not warrented by a couple of pots of dye. Not at the moment anyway. So I shall create with what I have. Need being the Mother of Necessity and all that!
One area I don't feel confident in is drawing out my ideas. I have however, tried to write, refer and describe my ideas in words. I just about always take photos of cakes I make, so they will be helpful after.
When I have gotten over my Halloween baking, I am planing to plan for Christmas Cupcakes and biscuits. I have ideas already starting to form in my head.
And the Stew. HK made a big panful of stew, lip-smackingly good as ever. Mary-Jane had a bowl for her lunch and we had two bowls each for tea. Along with slices of Tiger Bread - made from real tigers grrrr!

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