Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mary-Jane, Chips & Fish Fingers

Mary-Jane is an absolute delight. On Saturday, HK made Mary-Jane fish fingers and chips for her lunch. She loved this and ate it all up. HK had the forethought to take some pictures. I think they are lovely and really speak for themselves!
Mary-Jane with one of her big smiles that melt your heart.
What shall I eat first?!It's good this food business!
Much concentration is needed to bite a chip when you have lots of new teeth!
And this is how I delicately eat a fish finger!
Mary-Jane enjoys her food. She is willing to try all new foods and even if she isn't highly struck on something, she will eat it up. She has never eaten for the sake of it, when she is full or had enough, she stops. And she loves Batman. Well, more the music to Batman, even when I sing it to her.........

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