Monday, 3 October 2011

Christmas Gifts Project Day

On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the Christmas Gifts Project Day at Fobbles, hosted by Avril Jennison, from Woolly-One Offs. I haven't been to one of the project days before. They are usually on a Thursday, generally knitting in the morning and crocjet in the afternoon. I have made a mental note with myself that this will be an ideal place to make friends with the whole concept of crochet, so I can do more than the granny squares, which I like to do anyway, but I digress...... Saturday was an extra day. There is a Knit and Natter starting after the next Project Thursday, which is held monthly. There is also an extra Knit and Natter on a Saturday, in a couple of weeks. I shall do my best to be there, as a lady there said, with good luck and a fair wind.
For the Project Day, Avril supplied us with 10 patterns for knitted items, two for crochet, all of which she designed, plus 4 scarf patterns, design inspired by the seasons. These are lacey and look divine in something like Rowan Kidsilk Haze. As well as all that, we could choose yarn to make one of the projects with. I chose some purple and black Create With Fibre sock yarn. We also got a mini ball of opal sock yarn and the most scrumptious block of peppermint hand - well it's a block so you can't call it hand cream or lotion. What I can say is that it is a product that I can't compare to because it is sooo good! When you smell it, it certainly unblocks your sinuses and stimulates your senses, really! And the effect on your hands, well, all I can say is try it, I was very, very impressed. It's from Oakwood Aromatics based in the Yorkshire Dales.
On the day, I started making a skinny scarf, named 'Trellis'. Unfortunately, it was one of those things that should be knitted on you own and not in company. After I frogged it a few times, I decided to do something else.
The something else was a small bag with the opal yarn. You should be able to get two bags out of the ball, but with me knitting on 3.5mm and with having a loose tension, the other bag will be much smaller!! I managed to finish the bag before the end of the session. Oh and did I mention that we had lunch and lots of mugs of tea provided as well?!
One of the patterns I was taken up with, was the Bowtie Neck Warmer. Much as I wanted to, I didn't buy the yarn to go with it. I knew I could substitute with something in my SABLE Stash. And I could. I used Jeagar Extra Fine Merino, which was given to me by my dear Friend Linda, as a Leaving Stafford Present. There is a tale to this yarn, remind me to re-tell it you soon. So Saturday evening, I casted on the Bowtie Neck Warmer and this evening I casted off. A project that has taken perhaps 5 hours tops to do, over three evenings. It fits me beautifully and is warm and snug. And it looks good!
Here is Violet, one of Mary-Jane's toys, modelling the Bowtie Neck Warmer
And here is the small opal sock yarn bag. I've pulled it together with just a peice of yarn, it will need something a little more substantial for proper use. I like the pattern. It would be good to use for small gifts or to place on a Christmas Tree.

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