Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sugarcraft Fuchsia's

I have now had my second Sugarcraft Class. I'm still enjoying it. I wasn't able to do any work between classes (apart from a bit of dusting) as I am awaiting the local(ish) sugarcraft shop to get the cutters in - next time I shall shop online. Last week I learned how to attach the stamens onto the stem using florist tape. Every stage of the process cannot be rushed, but with experience dexterous fingers will be born! As the aformentioned shop didn't have any pink stamens in, I had to get white ones and dust them with edible dust. The colour is scarlet. The picture is not brilliant, but you get the gist. The finished stems are put in cling film covered dry oasis.
Tonight I learned how to prepare and place the first set of petals. There should be four petals on each stem. I was advised with being novice, that it may be easier for me to do two petals at a time. I dyed the sugar paste as well, I like the dark purple - very me. Most of the other ladies dyed theirs a pale purple or lavender and their results looked quite delicate.
The flowers are stored with a bent stem to help them dry and keep their shape. I shall try and get all four petals on each stem for next week (this may encroach on knitting time eeek!). Hopefully the cutters would have arrived by then. I have ordered the foam pads online today, and was kindly lent one to take home, by the lady sat next to me.
After the outer pink petals are added, then the leaves are made on seperate wires. I'm not sure how they fit together yet, but am confident it will look rather good. Are you tempted to give it a go, Jo?! xxxx

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