Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Start Of Comfort Food Ramblings

I really am going to ahve to start a note book with thoughts and comments to write here. A few times today I have thought 'Oh I'll talk about that or include that in my blog'. Now when I sit here, I am trying to rack my head as to what these thoughts were!! All I can think of is that I decided not to take a picture of the scones I made today as I have put lots of pictures of my scones on here and another one isn't going to be much different!

It's a starting point anyway! I made a batch of scones today - sweet fruit ones. I've yet to sample one - Mary-Jane has. I shall make a cuppa and have one maybe two when I have done here. I also made a macaroni cheese. It is the best one yet, even if I say so myself. The sauce is runny rather than set. It needs a little more cheesiness and I think I am in business! I used a packet cheese sauce and used twice the amount of milk. Instead of adding the philly with the sauce, I mixed the philly with the cooked macaroni, then added the sauce and mixed it all up, sprinkled some grated cheese and banged it in the oven for 15 minutes or so.

I am hoping to get the construction of the new felted bag done tonight. I have finished the base and handles. The body of the bag needs a couple more inches. It's do-able if I get my finger out and don't spend the rest of the evening surfing the net.......

I have had a quick perusal of my BeRo cookbook today. There are a lot of traditional type home cooked and baked foods in there. The suet pastry caught my eye - it is apparantly microwaveable rather than steaming or boiling for hours and hours. Plus I came across some fruit puddings such as Eves Puddding, Countess Pudding and Upside Down Peach and Butterscotch Pudding (I would use pears) that have piqued my interest. Oh my, I have just turned the page and seen steamed pudding - how did I miss this earlier as it is right next door to the tip about microwaving, I don't know - now that is sounding yummy, with lashings of custard of course. I was going to say is this going to be a winter of puddings, but then I remembered it's only the start of July! It looks like October out there but not as cold! Perhaps a Late Summer Of Puddings?! Sounds good to me. Chocolate Pudding, Ginger Pudding, Spotted Dick, Jam Roly Poly and Strawberry Muffins. Comfort food at it's best.

I'm off for a brew and a scone!


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dammit woman, now I am hungry! :)

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