Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Tired Girl And Pre-Occupation In Temporary Abeyance

I have organised my sugarcraft equipment into my two new sets of drawers.  I was treated to the second set today.  I have also gone through all my baking ingredients and removed all that was past it's best.  I now know what I have got and what I have not got.  My Cupcake Cases Pre-occupation has been in abeyance.  Either that or it was temporarily saited with the organising of things.  I am still wanting to make two different sorts of strawberry cupcakes.  I am toying with the idea of whether the beetroot and chocolate cupckae would work if I used strawberries instead of beetroot.  I will try it and if it works, I shall enter these three for Gosforth Show.  It is a definite that I try to make them before the day, just to make sure they come out right.  But that would lead me to think - what does a Show Judge define as a Cupcake?  The six million dollar question.

Mary-Jane has been tired today.  She has struggled, and been obviously tired, but she has done her very best.  When I put her to bed, she didn't want her storybook time, just to go more or less straight to bed.  However she couldn't catch her sleep and became tiredly frustrated - and crying and screaming.  HK bought her downstairs.  We had a pleasant tea.  Mary-Jane was in a lovely mood - she had some of our 'chippies' and a slice of bread - chip butties are something she has yet to learn about!  She stayed downstairs about 45 minutes, then she came upstairs.  She was curious as to why Daddy was going infront of her on the stairs.  One change of bum later and a small protest that she wasn't playing on our bed, Mary-Jane was on her bed.  She had a few minutes talking to her bo-bo's toys then silence! Woohoo!  Lets hope she has a good night and is less tired tomorrow.

I have done a few more rows on ASJ.  A few rows literally.  Each row has over 425 stitches.  I am nearly two weeks behind on the Mystery Shawl.  I am hoping in the next evening or two, I shall be up for lace knitting, all things permitting and being kind.

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