Thursday, 5 July 2012

Out For Lunch and A Not Quite Felted Bag

I am slightly disappointed with the felting of the bag. It has been through the washing machine three times, once on 40 and twice on 60 degrees. It has partially felted, but I would have preferred it to have felted some more so you can't see stitch definition. I may try to continue to felt it, perhaps another go or two might do the trick.
I am happier with the shape and dimensions than what I thought I would be, so I guess that is a bonus of sorts. It is currently hanging off the airer in the kitchen drying.
I have made a start on my first tea pot cosy. I decided to go for the Aran Jumper one, mainly as I liked the cabling. It is another TV Off Project. I feel I can concentrate and get on better when i don't have one eye on the telly. This is the back. There will be 36 rows. I am now on row 15. I think I will be quite chuffed with it when it is done. I am looking forward to seeing how the cables turn out. Now I just have to find a tea pot that it might fit - best wait till it's done to do that! I reckon it will take me about a week of evenings. There is the back and two fronts, then picking up and ribbing around the handle and spout parts, the front opening and the collar. A lot of fiddly bits. I may well be ready for a simple seam free project after this.
Either that or I will have aspirations to do a big cabled jumper. Maybe like that one in Jane Austen Knits. I am too fickle for my own good - but love every minute of it!
Today I went to see D. We had a good chat and put the world to rights and wound yarn. D made me a wonderful lunch - home made cheese and mushroom quiche with home made potato salad and apple chutney along with lettuce, beetroot, spring onion and spelt bread - home made. I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful! D kidnly gave me some more quiche to take home - HK and I had it for tea - two jars of apple chutney and two jars of plum jam, one with stars in. I think I shall be baking muffins tomorrow with the jam.

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