Saturday, 14 July 2012

Calder Bridge Church Fayre

This afternoon we went to the church fayre at Calder Bridge Village Hall.  Although it didn't seem as busy as previously, I couldn't get anywhere near the cake and jam stall.  I did manage to get one jar of raspberry jam, once the throngs had gone.  I had Mary-Jane with me, so I couldn't wriggle my way in.  I got MJ a knitted giraffe - it looks very handsome, and MJ likes it.  I also got her a small felt teddy in a bed.  I might keep it in her room.

Following a look around, we sat for Afternoon Tea.  It just so happened that we ended up sitting with the same two women that we have sat with the last two times we've been!  They were pleased to see Mary-Jane and how well she was getting on.  I put MJ on the end of the table.  She had a couple of sandwiches and half a scone with rum butter and a tiny tiny bit of blackcurrant pie.
The rain had stopped some time before and we had glorious sunshine, almost a bit too warm, dare I say it!  Mary-Jane and I went outside.  MJ had a play in the play area.
Here she is testing out the bounciness.  It bounced better when Mommy was sat on it making it move!
Mary-Jane had a whale of a time and seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself.  Just as we were about to leave, we almost literally ran into two young boys, one only four months or so younger than her.  There was a bit of a stand off at first, then a swapping and sharing of toys - a bouncy ball and MJ's new giraffe.

As I couldn't get much of a look in with the cakes, whilst our tea was cooking I made an Eve's Pudding.  Very nice.

It was at this fayre a year ago, that I met LA for the very first time, and S (in my own right).  They both told me about M, whom I didn't meet till later.


paula said...

I thought MJ was dressed in a Batman t-shirt in the first picture . . then I saw Minnie in the last one. I should have known, she is such a "mouse" person.

LOVE the red cape too :-}

CarpeDyem said...

She suits being Minnie Mouse. She keeps asking to wear her Minnie dress agian, must get a wriggle on and wash it! I love th cape too, I have plans to make her another red one when she out grows this one, which won't be too long!