Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rare Book and Sorting Sugarcraft Equipment

Mary-Jane, HK & I went out this morning, primarily to get bread and milk - our mini midweek shop.  we had toyed with the idea of going to the Tat Shop at Cleator Moor to find Dad some books for his birthday next week.  Now I know he doesn't read my blog, so I'll tell you what we got him, and you can't tell him either.  We had only been in the shop not even a few literal minutes when my eye landed on 'Watership Down' by Richard Adams.  I know he has a copy of this and other books by the author.  But this copy was a 1976 illustrated copy, may or may not be a first edition.  It is hard backed with dust cover in a presentation hard box.  All for the princely sum of £2.  I have been doing some googling today and found that it's value is between £50-£150.  Bonus.  I am more pleased that we found such a good book, that I know he will like.  The fact that it is a bit of a rare book is just an added bonus.

This afternoon I have sorted all (well nearly all) my sugarcraft equipment out and did an inventory, so I know exactly what I have got.  I quite enjoyed doing this.  Hopefully it should get me motivated to do some.  I'm sure if I make an excess of cake, I have a few friends I can ring up and ask if they want cake.  Tomorrow I shall be busy baking cupcakes for Fobbles.  I have decided to do two different sorts of cake and decoration.  If I have enough time and the day goes well.  The afternoon is supposed to be Beckermet Craft & Natter, so I need to get a wriggle on with my day from the start.  The evening is supposed to be a visit to another WI for a Coffee Evening.  I am going to knock this on the head as I think the day will be busy enough for me.  Plus I may likely need the evening to do the vast majority of the cupcake decoration.  I'll not spill the beans yet as how I plan to do them.  I will deliver them first thing Friday Morning.

My needles have been whirring with the second Cableweave Moccasin.  I am about half way through the top cabling.  After this I will do Clue 2 on Mystery Shawl 28, in the vain hope that I will not start getting behind.  Clue 3 will probably be knitted hot on the heels of Clue 2 in all honesty.  The I will decide what to do for the rest of the week!

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