Monday, 2 July 2012

Bag Handles And More Rain

I have decided to skip to doing the handles and base of my felted bag. I am doing them all in one colour - the rust. To keep the stripes would have been fiddly. I have already done the handles and am 3/4 through the base. I don't think I will have enough rust left over to do anymore rounds on the bag itself. I don't think it will make too much difference or be too noticeable. Not a lot I can do about it really though!

Mary-Jane has bumped her head today on the door frame and now has an egg on her forehead. She tripped over her own feet, and bump. She cried, but not too much. A few cuddles later and she was as right as rain, just with a bruise coming up on her forehead, the poor little thing. She has tried lettuce today for the first time, in some of Daddy's cheese and lettuce sandwich. She didn't care for it much and gave Daddy the lettuce back and ate the rest of the sandwich!

I haven't had chance to look through any baking books today - I made sure I didn't create the opportunity to do that! I haven't had too many more thoughts about Gosforth Show, other than to consider another item to enter. Last summer I made a lacy summer hat. I remember going wrong so many times and tinking it. This was mainly due to how tired I was in the evenings. The hat ended up being a bit big, even for me. I may get away with wearing it, I'm not sure. It still needs blocking though. That should be an interesting experience!

We have had more rain today. More is forecast. Rain and Showers is the phrase apparantly! I have never known a place to rain so much as here. I am thankful we haven't had the winds and the actual temperature hasn't been low. But all the blessed rain! I think I shall not ever wear light cotton skirts ever again!

I have posted off the cloth today. No pictures for a week or so, until it arrives at it's new home. I was glad to see it on it's way. I won't be signing up for swaps for a few months to give me time (and head space) to do these two Mystery Shawls - and maybe some of the other tons of things I want to do. There are always additions to this list at least every day or two. I have seen a beautiful cape that a raverly/blogger friend has done for her daughter. She is only a month younger than Mary-Jane. I have already been inspired to do one cape - the red riding hood one - and now I like the look of another! Now we just need to blessed weather to be okay for MJ to wear a cape before she grows out of it.......

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