Thursday, 19 July 2012

Playing With Fondant

Just a quickie again tonight.  I am shattered.  I've been up since six, baked cakes this morning, went to craft group this afternoon and decorated said cakes this evening.  I am ready to crawl into bed.  Mary-Iane is murmering, I hope she falls back to sleep.

Two lots of cakes today.  This first batch are beetroot and chocolate, very moist.  I did want to make buttons using a mold to go on top, as well as experimenting with a fondant technique.  Time and energy I thought it may take a bit too long so just stuck them on then put some shiny dust on them.
These are lemon cakes, using the lemon curd that I made last week.  I didn't have any deep cutters so I cut them normally using a knife.  I did want to put runny fondant on but the batch I made was too runny and I didn't have it in me to faff about and get the consisitency right.  Instead I went for the long winded option and rolled out fondant, after I had coloured it.  They are not as smooth as a christmas cake but there is not marziapan underneath to give a smooth surface.
As HK so wisely says, I must practice and practise and not always expect to get it right every time.  Perhaps next time I want to try a new technique on cakes that are for someone else, I should do a test batch.  A good idea.  I'm not going to out myself down, I haven't the energy for that at the moment.  I can't get book/magazine standard cake decoration first time!!

I'll give the recipes either tomorrow or over the next few days.

Good night!


paula said...

I LIKE the way these look . . . I can just see a cake stand with several different colors of these cakes on it . . lovely!

CarpeDyem said...

Don't give me any more ideas - my head will pop!