Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cathartic Pattern Hunting And Keeping Mary-Jane Busy

The aran sweater tea cosy, is coming together now.  The fronts and back are completed and joined with the top ribbing.  Don't ask why the back (middle section) looks a good two rows shorter.  I will stretch it, you'll see!  I now need to to the button hole bands, the partially stitch the two sides, then pick up stitches and do the ribbing for the handle and spout.

I am still cathartically looking at patterns.  It is now reaching the deeper eschelons of my knitty brain that I will only be able to do a fraction, if that, of what I am looking at.  It's good to look at new stuff.  I have to remember that I only have finite time, so the time I squander looking at patterns, the less time I have to knit.  I know within myself when the best time to realisitically look and decide the next project.  It is cool to imagine I have the material and time to make at least half the thing I see.  Perhaps this line of thought should be with me when I do decide on what I make - would it give a deeper sense of achievement when I reach completion?

I haved kept Mary-Jane busy today.  She woke up after I came in from the WI last night.  HK has been out fishing today.  I have had Mary-Jane running around the house.  I took her down to Fobbles to drop of a couple of Cross Stitch pictures for Bev - the flower fairy and a small celtic one.  I have also found what looks like small mould spores on the inside of my wizard cross stitch.  This needs a serious looking at.  After MJ had her lunch and I had mine, she was off and away for another run round the house.  The I took her for a short walk - perhaps about 25 minutes, then we came in and went out again to pick up HK.  On the way there, she dozed off for a couple of minutes.

Once HK was home and settled, Mary-Jane climbed up on his knee, relaxed and stayed there for quite a while!  I do believe they missed wach other (I know they did).

Talking of Mary-Jane, new words and phrases that have crept into her vocabulary in the last few days are - How, Why and I Want.  Hmmmmmm.  The first two I don't mind too much.

I have kindly been lent two 30 year old lace knitting books today.  I will tell you more about them tomorrow (time is ticking here and I am ready for bed), they are quite interesting, and amongst other things, explain different types of shawls and how to wear them, as well as the history of them.

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