Tuesday, 10 July 2012

June Cloth Swap And The Introduction of Daytime and Evening Knitting

I received my June Cloths R Us Swap Cloth today.  I love it!  The stitch and the colour are so pretty.  I shall use it in the morning.  The cloth came from Cookie45 in Colorado, USA.  A big Thank You to Cookie45 for such a wonderful cloth!  I don't think mine has arrived with her yet, so I can't post what I made for her.  As much as I like these small swaps, I shall duck out for a couple of months till Gosforth Show etc is over with.

I have been continuing to look for 'Daytime' patterns.  I have found a few on Ravelry.  They are all for Mary-Jane.  I am hoping that I may begin tomorrow.  I have decided to start with a Pinwheel Sweater for her.  I have the yarn all ready for the big push.  I just need to find space to store it down the side of the sofa.  The pile is not quite as tall as the sofa, but I know with a bit of re-arranging there will be more space - or better use of space.  I can just hear HK in my head now, chiming in with very sarcastic comments........

I have posted the picture of my Mystery Shawl on the website - nothing like a bit of showing off!

I have finished one front of the aran sweater tea cosy.  I am hoping to start the other side tonight.  I don't want to start anything else until this project is completed ('Evening' Knitting).  This time will hopefully quieten my head from the ongoing pattern searches and fickleness of what I want to do next.  I have found a Rico Loopy scarf down the side of the sofa.  I had done a few rows.  I now have it sitting next to EZ Pi Shawl, so perhaps I could get that finished before I cast anything else on.  Another good idea - for the moment anyhow!

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