Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My Latest Pre-occupation

The last day or two have been a bit on the crappy side.  A lot really.  But nothing that I can particularly share with you on here.  Life is starting to tick over again. 

I am getting pre-occupied with cupcake cases.  I have been trawling t'internet and ebay looking at them and comparing prices etc.  I think it is a good form of escapism for me.  Looking at pretty, affordable and functional things.  I'm not in the market to buy any for a couple of weeks, by which time I will have either moved on to the next big thing to be pre-occupied about or will be past bursting point with it all, or will have hundreds of cupcake cases in the post from all over the world via t'internet, on their way to me!

Mum has bought me two packs with matching topper decorations plus two packs of giant muffin cases.  I've never seen any so big before.  It will be fun to decide what sort of cake to bake in them.  I have also discovered square cupcake cases.  These are now on my Must Have List.  I have sourced a few, ready for when the time is right.  If I think on, I'll try and take a photo of all my cupcake cases.

I have not been up for baking the last few days.  I want to go through my baking shelves and have a good sort out and tidy up, and see what needs replacing.  I think caster sugar is top of the list.  The next cakes I make may be Strawberry Crumb Cakes.  My mind may change between now and when I put my pinny on.  More than likely.  Perhaps.

I have not been able to do any lace knitting for a few evenings.  I have not had the concentration or been in the right head space to do any.  I have continued work on the ASJ.  It is coming on well.  I have only about ten ridges to do before I start on getting it to the length I want it to be.  Which will make absolutely no sense to you unless you are familiar with the Elizabeth Zimmerman Adult Surprise Jacket!  If you do knit, it is a pattern that I recomend!

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