Sunday, 1 July 2012

Friends of Chernobyl's Children

Last night I actually went out for the evening! I went to Cleator Moor, to the Civic Hall for the Friends of Chernobyl Childrens Fund Raiser. I went last year. The FOCC aim is to help relieve the suffering of children affected by the radiation explosion from the nuclear plant at Chernobyl. It provides family placements for children/orphans from the Mogilev region for at least one month each year and to meet full costs of these visits, which will include optical, dental and health checks as well as lots of loving tender care by extensive fund raising by the FOCC can meet the full costs of all the visits without additional contribution from the host families. Here is to next years event!

My cakes went down well at Fobbles. I have an order now for their Open Days/Exhibitions. I was highly delighted! I am going to take a day or two reprieve from looking at any cupcake magazines or books, just to give my poor nerves a rest. I shall plan and decide what to make next time, much more in advance.

I looked though the schedule for Gosforth Show. At this undecided moment, the classes I may enter are looking a bit like this:

  • 57 Handmade Christmas Decoration - the bauble from last christmas
  • 58 An item in crochet - maybe the hat I made in the spring, maybe
  • 61 Counted Thread Embroidery - Fairy and Wizards, or even the gold, orange and green celtic sampler
  • 66 A handmade bag - might be the one I'm doing now, depending on how it turns out
  • 70 A bookmark - only if I find a pattern that knocks my socks off
  • 77 A hand knitted scarf - the blue one I knitted last summer that I've yet to block
  • 78 A HAnd knitted premature baby item - I'd like to do this, but it will be time dependant
  • 79 Hand knitted tea cosy - again, time dependant
  • 80 Hand knitted item in any ply - golly gosh, this could send me spiralling into orbit! Contenders are - Lydia Shawl, Spiral Doily, winter apple shawl, to name a few off the top of my head.

I think I may leave the Baking Section till next year. I do believe that it would seriously mess with my fragile karma if I entered this year. I would like to. I'm not saying it won't happen, I'm just not planning to. My stress levels will probably be through the roof and I have to think of my poor HK during this time!

Talking of knitting and such like - have you seen the footage of the Knitting Woman at Wimbledon during Saturdays match with Andy Muray? Knitty and the Daily Mail (seperately) are trying to find out who she is. She was knitting something pink and was wearing a Citron Shawl - I have one knitted by my Ravelry Friend Sue in Italy.

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