Sunday, 8 July 2012

Poppity Ping Chocolate Pudding And Mystery Shawl

Todays tasty treat is Poppity Ping Chocolate Pudding.  Very tasty, surprisingly light and takes no time at all to put together.  So if you want a comfort pudding in no time at all, this is the thing to have!  Mine didn't quite come out of the basin perfectly, but never mind.  Everything else made up for it.  I had it with thick custard.

Poppity Ping Chocolate Pudding
  • 4oz/100g Marg or butter
  • 4oz/100g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 7oz/225g sr flour
  • 1oz/25g cocoa powder
  • Grease a 2 pint pudding basin
  • Cream butter and sugar, beat in the eggs, one at a time with a little flour
  • Fold in the remaining flour, cocoa powder and milk.  Place mixture in prepared basin
  • Fill the basin up 2/3rds, cover loosely and microwave on full power for about 3 and a half minutes
I have completed the first clue of Mystery Shawl 28.  I have realised that I placed the work upside down for the photo, but I guess you get the drift!  I can't wait for next Saturday now.  I like this gentle excitement.

I tried again to do some knitting in front of Mary-Jane.  It kinda worked.  It wouldv'e worked better if she had not taken the cone, walked around the room with it and talked down the cone!  I'm getting there though.  I just can't sit and do nothing apart from look on.  I do need easy to pick up and put down projects, so why oh why does a part of my brain think that socks would be the thing to do?!

I have pinned myself down and made a list of the possible and definite classes I am going to enter at Gosforth.  I want to be realistic and not put too  much pressure on myself to do lots of things for it between now and then.  There is more to life!


Sarah said...

Oh my word, that chocolate pudding looks yummy. I'll have to try that out. This constant rain is making me want comfort food too. I've tried knitting in front of James, but he too runs off with my ball of yarn. I used to use dpn's but was frightened of jabbing him with them, so I've now switched to circulars and feel much safer. I have my eye on a garden bench so I can knit in the garden while he plays, but the rain will play havoc with my lovely yarn!

CarpeDyem said...

We shall find a way, I'm sure of that! An along that way, we shall eat lots of cake and drink lots of tea!!