Saturday, 21 July 2012


The butterfly cakes were delivered this morning.  I stayed for an hour of so.  I didn't want to be out too long as I felt I'd not spent much time with Mary-Jane over the last few days.

We went to Workington this afternoon.  Initially to Wilkinsons then on to Asda.  After going through and sorting my sugarcraft stuff, I want to get it better organised.  Ideally I would like a large container that houses smaller containers, each of which hold one set of cutters.  I thought a set of drawers would be good.  Where I'd keep them lord only knows - I certainly don't!  Wilkinsons usually do a good selection of boxes etc.  Today they didn't.  They had very little kitcheny stuff as they were creating a new kitchen dept.

On to Asda.  Mary-Jane got very much treated by Grandma.  A few new outfits - all Minnie Mouse or Minnie Red and a Peppa Pig and George Pig toys.  MJ was highly delighted.  HK was treated to a new book he wanted by Dean Koontz.  It was only released a day or two ago and they had on a promotional price.  I was going to get his favourite sweets, midget gems.  I usually get 20 or 30 packs when I go there as we maybe go once a month or so, and these will last him.  However the price had gone up from 29p per pack to 49 per pack!!!  I'd love to know what the explanation for that is.  I have a good bet that come next week, they will be put on 'price drop' and priced back down to what they originally were.  These supermarkets pull this trick so often it's unreal.  Tesco is atrocious for their pricing and offer pricing.  Last week I saw a really good (ahem) offer - tesco brand packet powder sauces were 18-21p per pack.  Or you could buy three packs for the princely sum of £1.  The maths just doesn't add up!!

I have had a go at my knitting this evening.  I have not been able to do any the past two evenings.  I knew I was quite (very) tired when I started.  I decided to have a go with the Mystery Shawl and clue 2.  Clue 3 is out today.  On the first row something didn't seem right.  After doing the next row, it definitely was not right.  I started unpicking, but even then I was dropiing stitches.  The knitting went back in the bag.  I was too tired even to tink.  I then set myself up to do Revontuli.  I was about to start and thought I needed something even more simpler to do.  I put Revotuli down and picked up The ASJ.  Once I found where I was on that, I did that for an hour or so, whilst watching 'The Killing'.

My eyes are absolutely stinging.  I shall be having a very early night.  Did I mention that MJ woke up during the evening last night, just as I had finished the cakes, luckily.  This morning she was crying at 6.30, so she came downstairs after having a clean bum.  No wonder I am jiggered.  Tomorrow I would like a quiet and relaxing day.  If the weather is good, I shall take MJ for a little run out somewhere.  Failing that a walk!

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paula said...

And I just thought the marketing in the US draised prices to lower them for a sale . . guess it is common the world over :0{