Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Completed But Unfelted

It has taken me all evening to finish off this bag! I was hoping to have it felted tonight, that bit of excitement will have to wait till tomorrow! In my defence I'm used to doing bags that don't require any sewing up, where handles and bases are integral. Then again it has been a year or two since I did a felted bag.......

The handles have rolled together, they are in stocking stitch, so I am hoping that they will felt together to make a solid handle. To this end I have sewn them back to front, with the wrong side facing. I have also added a closure to the original bag, just to make it more secure. I am worried that it will be out of proportion when it is felted. Even now it seems a tiny bit too wide for my liking at the base. Knitting tends to felt more vertically than horizontally. I did toy with making it a few inches taller, I thought it may make it too narrow an opening. Only felting the bag will give the answers!


I have found a notebook, which I am reserving just for blog thoughts and points to remember.

I have been looking on Ravelry today and my fickle eye has moved onto Tea Cosies. Tea Cosies are a Class at Gosforth Show. I didn't intend to enter this class as I would have to make something pdq (pretty damn quick). Tea cosies could be a short ish project. So there maybe a possibility. See what comes. I have found three patterns that I like - but would they be liked by the judges?! I haven't got much of a clue on judging criteria.

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Unknown said...

ooh, I like that bag.

Do you felt by hand or machine? IF you are willing to do it by hand, a tip I read was to felt it using a rolling pin against a flat surface, giving you complete control over how much the fabric will felt and where.

Tea cosies, eh? I sense an addiction in the wings... :)

CarpeDyem said...

I felt by machine. I have had small trys at felting by hand, both by using a rolling pin and needle felting. For bags like this I am much to impatient, so it goes in the machine and I try to distract myself from watching the machine go round and round till it's cooked!