Wednesday, 19 December 2012

We have heating again

We have central heating again.  Woohoo!  Mary-Jane is quite in her bed, baking in the heat probably.  She woke again around five-ish, and at half one.  HK got up and I stayed in our bed with her.  She did try to settle for five minutes.  As she was settling, I could see that she was thinking.  She said 'I can't sleep, my eyes won't stay closed'.  Out of the mouths of babes, as the saying goes.  She still has her cough, but seems to be generally better in herself.  If the weather is not bad tomorrow, I may take her out for a bit.

My Christmas Spiral Sock continues apace.  I have four and a half rows till I start the toe shaping.  It seems to fit.  Hopefully it won't go too saggy once it's worn a bit.

I didn't manage to get any baking done today, due to the boiler being fixed.  Must try harder tomorrow!

I am tired in myself.  I am waitng for the last week or so to catch up with me - it has to catch me first, mind.  Lots of early nights for me and lots of relaxation.  And baking.  And knitting

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