Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Quieter House

The house has continued to be busy.  We have had six and/or seven adults in the house over the last three weeks.  Auntie Annie was the last to go last night.  It was sad to see her go, and to think that she will be so far away and that I might not see her again for a year or more.  At least we have phones and the t'internet.

HK and I went to Workington this morning to get Mary-Jane and outfit for her Christmas party on Saturday.  She also has a new pair of Peppa Pig Slippers and a new pair of posh shoes.  She just needs a pair of everyday shoes.  We are planning to get these after christmas when there is less festive and party stuff about.

This afternoon I went to Woodlands Cafe in Santon Bridge to meet up with LA and M.  It was M's Welcome Home Tea as she has been home home to the Far East  to see her family.  It was lovely to see her again  We chatted and chatted.  One of the highlights of conversation was sieves with feet.  When I came out of the Cafe, I noticed that I had a huge piece of something hanging down under neath the car. The garage was on the way back, so I called in.  I had noticed a scraping sound when going over speed bumps for well over a week.  It turned out to be the plastic that keeps the engine cleaner.  The things that attach it had come away.  The garage fixed it free of charge (phew_ and I was on my way.  HK says that the garage would have had to have removed it to change the oil etc when they had it for MOT and servicing a week or two ago.

Mary-Jane and I got to playgroup yesterday morning.  She had lots of fun.  SHe is coming on well, each week.  She even sat at the table for her juice and fruit after only being asked once.  She accepted a piece of orange that the child sitting next to her offered her.  Smiles all round.

I have not yet been hit by the Chrismas spirit.   I usually have by now and am itching to put up the deccies and make a few last minute ones.  There is time yet.  We went on Sunday to the Egremont Christmas festivities and watch the lights being turned on - more of that tomorrow!

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