Monday, 17 December 2012

Cold But Not Bitter

A few more days have passed.  These can be summarised quite easily.  Mary-Jane's cough has been getting progressively worse.  We have not had any central heating since Friday night, as the boiler is up the swanny.  I have been getting the rumblings of Mary-Jane's latest lurgy and HK has started with it today.  We are not the only ones coughing in the house.  We do have a couple of portable blow heaters.  Mary-Jane doesn't like the noise of them in her room when she is asleep, so we put it on in her room for an hour or so before I take her up, then turn it off.  We now have two more fan heaters to put around the house.  The portable radiator in the other front room will be put in MJ's room from tomorrow and the heater in there will be swapped with it, so MJ has a warm room at night.  The boiler should be fixed on Thursday.  West Cumbria in December is not the place you want to be without any heating.  But we do have some form of heating and at the moment I can't say that the weather is bitter.  It is such a shame that the fire places have been blocked up and the Aga isn't working!
All that being said, Mary-Jane is being very good, and very tired.  She did have a good night last night, where we didn't need to go into her.  For qute a few nights, she has been waking and crying a few times and from the early hours, the only way to settle her is to have her in bed with us.  She has been steadily settling quicker with us and napping, which we are thankful for, but it doens't eqaute to proper sleep!  Both she and I have had a nap or two during the day.  I have seen HK on the brink of napping as well.
Mary-Jane has been well wrapped up.  She has been wearing PJ's, then a Onesie (she has been bought four onesies for the occasion!) and she has had her dressing gown on during the day as well.  Toastie.  She has been eating well. so apart from her cough and cold, the only other major thing that I am worried about is how cold her room gets at night.  And she will be missing playgroup tomorrow due to her been unwell, I don't want her to pass it onto any other children, especially so close to Christmas.
Talking of Christmas, HK and I put our deccies up this evening.  I dont' feel particularly anymore christmassy.  I do smile when I look at them, all hand made decorations.  We have had to hang the stockings high up as we don't want MJ to pull them down.  Pictures will follow!
Knitting.  I started making a Grace Silk Beret night before last.  I had a few problems with the cast on.  I muddled through and got to about ten rows of the main hat pattern.  It seems that I muddled in the wrong direction with the cast on and it is way too small.  It will be frogged.  It would have been frogged before now but........ I got distracted with the massive holes in my socks, and with HK nagging me to knit some more, that I thought that now was a good time to make some more.  And with that thought, joined with the thought that these new socks are for weting roung the house, rather than wearing when being out, it was logical to think that the socks should be done with somthing thicker than a standard sock yarn.  There was only one pattern to do - Carol Wileys Whimsical Spiral Socks.  The cast on for these can be used (I'm pretty sure) for the Grace Hat.  It also has picot edge.  I have done it slightly bigger than the given pattern as I have good size calf muscles (due to lots of swimming and cycling in my early teens).  I am using a red acrylic aran.  The same as I used for MJ's red riding hood cape.

I am doing them on DPN's.  I can go so much faster on circulars.  I am working on 56 stitches, no where near enough to use circulars.  Carry on regardless.  No doubt the boiler will be fixed before I have one completed.  Nonetheless, I am glad to have been spurred on to make some house socks and be able to retire my old socks before they fall off my feet altoghter.
I have been meaning to bake for quite a few days.  A general tiredness has stopped me.  Perhaps tomorrow.

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