Sunday, 30 December 2012

Odd Sleep

I had a not so good night's sleep last night.  In addition, Mary-Jane was crying at 4am, thankfully settled herself down again, and she awoke again about half five, quarter to six.  I was starting to get a bad headache as I went to bed.  I put it down to being tired and off the hooks, so I didn't take anything for it.  Mistake.  Even through my sleep I could feel it.  My sleeping thoughts were lucid.  It's difficult to explain.  I am asleep, but I think I am awake and I lay there thinking and thinking and thinking about stuff.  Last nights topic was managing a prison healthcare centre and making sweeping changes and improvements, how I would go about assessing and improving, even down to wording policies.  I was even annoying myself with having this line of thought and was desperately trying to think of other things (like knitting and baking) but my mind soon wandered back to my Healthcare Centre.  I was trying not to frown about it, as I knew that if I frowned my head ache would get a lot worse.  A lot of my headaches are to do with nasal congestion and neuralgia.  As I was waking up properly, I had to keep telling myself that I had had a good sleep, I had not been awake, just my mind was off on one.
So when I did get up, I did feel pap.  But Positive Mental Attitude saved the day.  I thought lots of positive thougths, that I felt better, that my headache was going and that I wanted to have a better day.  And I did.
I am not quite up for baking yet, each day I am hoping that I am.  Knowing me I shall have a deluge once I'm up for it.  I did try to cook a good tea.  HK wanted a sandwich - he has been feeling lightheaded today - so I did myself jacket spuds with a topping of Mushroom Korma.  Tomorrow I am hoping to do something along the lines of beetroot, boiled eggs and feta.  Maybe also with bulgar wheat and veggie chicken style fillets.  Tomorrow is another day though!
I have been at one with my kntting tonight and last night.  Yes you can hear me cheering.  I am doing 'Grace Beret' which can be found on Ravlery.  I am using Louisa Harding Grace Silk & Wool  A lovely yarn to work with.  I haven't worked with anything with Silk in for quite a while.  I am 17 rows off finishing and ten of those are decrease rows.  Easy.  If things weren't quite as they are at the moment, I would have hung in tight tonight and gone for broke and tried to finish it.  The early nights are doing me good, so I must go with that.  I'm only going  just over an hour earlier than normal,it is helping considerably!

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