Thursday, 20 December 2012

One Whimsical Christmas Spiral Sock Completed

My first Christmas Whimsical Spiral Sock is complete.  I am one row into the rib topping on the second.  I am quite chuffed with it.  It looks good on, and is the right size for me around the calf.  I am interested in how well it will keep it's elasticity though.  It is very warm and I can't wait to jump around with the pair of them on.  Not on a shiny floor though.  It is a little loose around the ankle, to be expected I suppose.  The foot is loose fitting as well, not overly loose. 
 The sock comes to below my knee.  I didn't do the recommended amount of rows, 24 less I believe.  It would be interesting to see how this pattern can adapt to different yarns.

A nearly sideways angle, showing the looseness around the ankle and foot.  It is toasty to wear, fun to knit.  I shall speed along with the second one.

Today saw the last of the food christmas shopping.  I am anticipate that I shall not have to go food shopping for around two weeks, apart from for fresh stuff such as bread and milk.  And maybe cheese etc.  I have a sinking feeling that this may not happen.  My cupboards are full.  I did pick up a couple of bargains, always makes me smile. 
I still have the urge to bake.  This urge is not yet translating itself to actual time in the kitchen and goodies baked.  Hmmmph.
Mary-Jane helped me put the shopping away.  She put alot of the fridge stuff on the table, the mushrooms in the hall, watched me put the freezer stuff in the freezer.  She then put the parsnips, carrots and a can of baked beans one at a time gently in the washing machine, and closed the door, talking to herself.  I couldn't say anything other than 'Good Girl for helping Mommy put the shopping away'.  An unforgettable moment. 

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