Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Cake Has Broke!

The Chirsmas Spirit finally came nibbling at me today.  The Scene - HK and Mary-Jane in the front, Status Quo on the telly, me in the kitchen making chocolate mince pies.  I was dancing and baking to The Quo (!) and apparntely MJ was dancing too, but I didn't see her.  I felt Christmassy.  By this point I had already put marzipan on the cake.  I  know I am way late decorating the cake.  I was hoping to be done with it today, but no.  I did get Mary-Jane to help me roll the marzipan out, and HK helped MJ. 
A little later, when my back was turned, only for seconds, these holes magically appeared in the cake, yes they go right into the cake, don't they Mary-Jane?  I was alerted by the little lady herself, telling me that the 'cake had broke'.  I couldn't be mad at her, not in the slightest.  The holes are fill in-able.  I'm glad that I'd not finished decorating the cake or done it it a fancy manner.  I am gooing for quite a simple cake.  I shall watch MJ like a hawk and I shall not turn my back when she is around!
I made some chocolate mince pies.  They tast okay.  I rolled the pastry too thick, it did seem thin enough at the time.  Never mind. Live and learn.  HK is not keen on them, he did try one.  Good job I have more pastry and more jars of mincemeat.
Another pic of the Cherry and almond cupcakes.  I used a corer, rather than a knife to make the hole.  Much more neater.  It is an inexpensive tool that I would recommend.

I have wrapped all Mary-Jane's presents up, and stashed them in the spare toom (Auntie Annie's Room).  I didn't wrap HK's as he said he know what they were and it would only waste paper.  They are now sitting on his book shelf (they are books).  He promised not to look at them till Christmas Day.  He's good like that.  I wanted mine wrapping.  I do know what I am having.  By Christmas Day evening I won't know whether to Knit or Bake!  Books and magazines coming my way.
I still have lots of chrimbo baking I want to do.  I don't feel as much under pressure now I have started.  That hasn't stopped me from adding another one or two things to the list.  I would like to pick a book and work my way through and do every single recipe.  Hhhmmmm, just need to choose one.  Perhaps that can be a New Years Resolution.

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