Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas, Books and a Need To Share Grottiness

Christmas is nearly over for another year.  We have come through relatively unscathed and looking forward to a Christmas when we have our own home again.  Mary-Jane had a wonderful time.  She enjoyed opening her presents more than seeing what was inside them.   She spent most of the day playing with her new things, looking at the lights, dancing and singing.  She was so very excited.
I am feeling really grotty, physically.  I have had a lurgy/cold/bug for weeks and weeks now and I can't seem to shift it.  Just when I think it's going it re-invents itself.  It is anoying me now.  I shall try not to go on too much with a 'woe is me rant', but it is now emerging on the battlefield of 'I'm not going to let it get me down'.  Which is either a pre-curser to wellness or to worseness!  I went to bed very early last night, had to go back to bed during the day, and am going to have another early night tonight.  I am feeling positive in myself, which is good.
In my mind I wanted to do some baking today, my body just laughed at me.  Tea was reduced to a boiled egg sandwich (and trifle), I didn't have the strength about me to even do a proper tea or supper (I wasn't overly hungry).  I have to share all this grottiness with you, otherwise I feel that it blocks what I want to say and to ramble on about.  So I have to share.
Mary-Jane is still mesmerised by the whole christmas thing.  She loves the tree and all the lights in Granma's room.  She loves the decorations.  She is talking more and more about Santa, parties, music, lights, presents, games and snow.
What did Santa bring me?  Jane Austen Knits III, seven books all on various aspects of baking and a cupcake calendar.  I am one very happy bunny, busting a gut (literally!) to get into the kitchen!

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