Sunday, 20 November 2011

On The Go Sunday

I feel like I've been on the go most of today.  I didn't get to make the soup last night.  Admittedly I was pooped and was thinking that if HK was still off his food he may not want to eat.  So I went to bed.  After breakfast  I made HK the parsnip soup.  We were both pleased how it came out.  Now I've said that I've had abusy day, I'm trying to rack my head as to what else I did!  MJ, M and I went to Tesco in the afternoon.  I had to get some diesel primarily, plus some bread and milk.  It gave HK a bit of peace and quiet.  He still has that pain in his side that doubles him over at times.  But will he take any pain relief? Nope.  Well not at the moment anyway.  I have been nagging him.  He is trying to teach MJ - 'What does Mommy do - nag, nag, nag, nag, nag'.  Very tongue in cheek, he doesn't mean it, don't worry!

After MJ and HK went to bed - they went at the same time and I tucked them both in(!) and after having my tea and cleaning the kitchen, I made some Mars Bar Cake.  I've never used mars bars like this before.  I think I may need some more chocolate on top, but I'm sure it will taste just fine.  I've not tasted it yet as the top chocolate hasn't yet set. 

Then I did some sugarcraft.  Yes I was getting quite tired by this point. I have made all my lilly of the valleys now - 18 flowers and 27 balls for the sprays.  Tomorrow I need to do the outer petals on about 15 of the fuchsias and ten hand rolled fuchsia buds.  Once that was done, I made a cuppa, sat down on the sofa with my feet up and had a pain au chocolat (a treat and very nice it was!) and did some of my crochet.

I've also been looking at some main meal dishes I can make.  Most of them are with pastry.  I did by some bought pastry today. A bit of cheating won't hurt. One dish was stuffed leeks , hmmm, and I've got some scrummy looking leeks in the cellar.........

The car is going in for Service and MOT tomorrow.  I hope they don't find too much the matter with it.  I'm thinking it may need new tyres, maybe new brake discs or pads, I can't remember which wears down quicker, and the motor on the windscreen squirter doesn't work.  Perhaps I shouldn't fret overly much.  I am not doing anywhere near the mileage I used to do - I was doinghat was nearly a 1,000  miles a week.  Yes a thousand miles a week.  No wonder I used to get through tyres and brakes things.  No wonder I was sick to death of driving all the time.


paula said...

O-h-h-h-h-h-h, you MADE all of the flowers.

Now I am REALLY impressed!

You Go Girl! ! ! ! ! !

CarpeDyem said...

Yes I made every single one of them....... it's delicate and time consuming!