Thursday, 24 November 2011

My First Crochet Hat

I have finished my very first Crochet Hat!!  I'm very pleased with it.  It is a little big, so I will have to tie some of my hair back to create a bit of volume and secure it with hair grips.  It's not as loose as it sounds, and I don't like my hats to be tight especially over the forehead.  You can't see the shaping so well in this picture.  I tried taking a few photos of me wearing it, but they were not overly successful, so I used the blender unit from the kenwood as a model.

I used Rowan Tapestry and a 5mm hook.  It is all done in double crochet - dc - I don't know if that is the same or not in US terminology.

 The pattern was very simple indeed.  I started with a small loop.  The first round I dc twice into each hole.  The second round I dc twice into every other hole, single into alternate.  The third round was doing a dc into every third hole, with one dc into all other holes.  This pattern continues until desired size then continue going round doing a dc into each hole, with no increases.
 The edging was created by 7 chain into alternate hole all the way round.  Simples, as the meerkat says!  I'm eager to start another in a different type of yarn - a chunkier one.  I may have a Colinette in mind, I don't know if I'll have enough.
I bought the Colinette on a trip to Great Malvern, a knitty day out that I remember fondly.  I bought the yarn with two balls of rowan biggy to make a bag, which has never (obviously) been made.  I must admit that I can't remember if it was two balls of rowan and one colinette, or two balls of colinette and one rowan.  Stash Surfing tomorrow - Woohooo!!!


Wonky Watt said...

It's so beautiful, very 1920's flapper! Well done. x

CarpeDyem said...

Thank You!