Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More Crochet & What I've Done Today

This evening I took up my crochet hook with fervour and a clear mind - and ready to count!  This was what I did last night, my small bowl.  Despite it not being perfect, it will be used (once I've weaved the ends in, of course).  I'm still pleased with it as my first attempt.

 Which leads me to tonights offering.  Much more uniform and even tension.  Tension was a huge problem in my crochet previously.  It is turning out more of a hexagonal shape than round, but doing the simple maths to it, it's not really surprising. I shall have to find out a way of making it more round.  Somewhere in the muddle wooliness of my head, I know I know how to do it.  I just hope the haxagonal-ness of it will not interfere too much with the cylinder/upright bit of it.  Oh, did I say it was going to be a hat?  With the technique and different yarns it could be anything I want it to be.  As LA says, it's a very handy stitch to know.
I had a peek on Ravelry for crochet arigurumi, and was rather bowled over.  So much can be done.  I didn't look at the actual patterns, I thought it would pickle my head, plus I guess most of them will be written in US crochet terms and I didn't want to start translating last night as I knew it would pickle my head and I'd not get any sleep.  Or have that 'drifting off thoughtful' sleep, when you're not sure if you are awake or not but are thinking long and hard about something. 

I've also not yet given into temptation (nor have I had time) and looked through the few crochet books I have to see what I can do with my newly learned skill.  I think it will dazzle me too much.  I want to take it slowly and at a comfortable pace.  I am looking forward to looking through the books with a better degree of understanding.  Like re-looking at a book in a foreign language when you are coming to grips, but not quite fluent with the new language.  Crochet is here to stay though. It almost sounds as though I'm learning patience- in -crafting as well as crochet.  Zen and the Art of Crochet.....

Today has been a steady day.  This morning it was off to Cleator Moor for HK to have and appointment and sign on.  MJ and I go to the Age Concern Charity shop whilst HK is signing on.  I found Marguerite Patten's Victory Cookbook.  Very interetsing if you have a passing interest in that sort of thing.  Which I do.  The book is an amalgamation of three books she wrote on cookery between 1940-1954, when rationing was in force.  It was amazing how little people had to cook with.  I shall look out for more things like this.  I can truly imagine a very thriving Black Market in food goods.  I want to make a few of the recipes, although I may allow myself to substitute dry egg powder for real eggs!

At lunch time, MJ, mum & I went to Beckermet for the Soup Lunch.  We got there for ten to one, it started at 12 and is meant to finish for half one.  Unfortunatley it had been very busy and there was no soup left.  Four big pans of soup had been sold!  However we came away with a few almond slices and two jars of home made chutney.  I do now look out for chutney, jams and marmalades at these type of functions.  They are the real deal and I've not come across a duff one yet!.

Mary-Jane had lots of fun walking up and down the room, smiling at everyone and carrying her doll.  The doll is hand knitted by Donna in Stafford and was a gift at my wonderful Baby Shower.

Then it was home and a cuppa and a sit down for a short while.  Then up again to make a big pan of Leek and Potato Soup.  Another winner.  HK was quite taken with it.  By half past six, Mary-Jane had been in bed a while and we had had tea, pots washed up and sat down to relax.  Result.


paula said...

Hint for making it more round . . . check and see where it is starting to look like a hexagon. On that row, do 2 dc (or whatever stitch you are doing) in the stitch between the "corner" stitches. This will round it more.

When you do the sides, do your 1st round of stitches in the back loop . . . then your bowl/box will have a more rounded look also.

CarpeDyem said...

Thank you, I shall try that next time! x