Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mary-Jane & The Chooks

As you know, we like to be outside and we want to encourage Mary-Jane to be outside as much as possible.  We have had a few beautiful days here in West Cumbria and we tried to make the most of them.  HK and I took Mary-Jane outside in the garden for a walk and to see the chooks.  It was Mary-Jane's first proper walk in the garden.  An auspicious occassion indeed!  As ever, she loved being outside and being able to walk around.

The first port of call for her was The Chooks - she always squeals with delight when she sees them, then randomly giggles at them.

 Mary-Jane was quite independant and wanted to explore on her own two feet.  She still has to hold her arms out for balance, and looks even cuter in the process!  The hooded waistcoat she is wearing is the very first thing I knitted for her when I found out that I was pregnant.  It's kinda special to me.

 Time in the garden can never be spent without Rhinog.  He loves his new life here. I'm still Mom to him, but Grandad takes him for walks every day, gives him treats and shares his morning toast with him.  Not to mention lets him sleep in the same bedroom as him - and even lets him get up on the bed and have a kip with him!!!
 This just shows how much Mary-Jane loves being outside!  My beautiful little girl x  Oh and note the increasing amount of teeth!
 Mary-Jane kept heading for the chooks.  She was getting tired, (by this time she had been constantly walking in the garden for nearly half an hour) so was wanting to sit and watch them, but the ground not only damp, but the vest vantage point to see the chooks (she thought) was in some mud.  I love this picture of her being carried away by Daddy HK.  She is having a paddy as she cannot get her own way and stay with the chooks.
 However, MJ has always been easily distractable and within seconds has forgotten all about her paddy and is having fun in her swing!


paula said...

Her smile is contagious.

CarpeDyem said...

It definitely is. I love it when she looks me directly in the eyes, holds my gaze for a couple of seconds then grins for all she's worth.